Course curriculum

    1. E-course Terms of Use Agreement and Liability Disclaimer

    2. Meet Jena

    3. Intro Slideshow.pdf

    4. Essential communication tools you'll need for this course

    5. Communication Skills PDF - Safe Conversations

    1. Where in the post-affair cycle are you? And how are you likely to feel right now?

    2. ANGER - what the heck to do with all the rage you feel

    3. Why do people cheat?

    4. Common complaints from injured partner - even years after the affair

    5. Post-Infidelity Stress Disorder

    1. Introduction to "should we stay or should we go"

    2. Assessing the Injuring Partner - Is there remorse?

    3. Questions to ask vs. questions to avoid

    4. Exercise: Question and Answer Period

    5. Pre-Affair Cycle & Exercise

    6. Relationship cycles continued... Understanding your pre-affair relationship cycle

    7. Widening the Spotlight - An Exercise

    8. Meaning Making

    9. Worksheet: Factors to Consider for Injured Partner

    10. Worksheet: Factors to Consider for Injuring Partner

    11. It may take time...

    1. Introduction

    2. The tough but NECESSARY convo - repeat often.

    3. Transparency

    4. Reassurance

    5. Who do you want to be in this relationship? Exercise

    6. How to let go of resentment

    7. Injuring Partner: If you're afraid you'll have another affair...

    8. Acceptance. Forgiveness. Compassion. Commitment.

    9. What's the weather?

    10. What to do when triggered

    11. Relationship contract

    12. Exercise: Couple identity

    13. How long will I suffer?

    14. Creating a new narrative

    15. Rebuilding Trust - Proactive Reassurance Exercise

    1. Intro

    2. Sex does not equal forgiveness!

    3. Building physical safety

    4. When there's a desire gap...

    5. For the lower desire partner...

    6. For the higher desire partner...

    7. Expanding our definition of sex

    8. Our sexual cycle

    9. EXERCISE: Creating a sexual blueprint

    10. Talking about sex (lesson + exercise)

    11. If you tend to worry...

    1. Repeat as often as necessary

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